Home Staging Services in Toronto

In today’s market, it is a known fact that a staged home in GTA area will sell for more money and in almost half the time than a non-staged home, but what is your return on investment? Home Staging in Toronto has been known to yield up to a 400% return on your real estate investment and decrease time on market by 85%. Most staged homes in GTA area sell within only a few days of being listed. Over 60% of people want homes that are move in ready and they are willing to pay extra for that. Home staging has become a crucial service in the Toronto real estate market. With only 10% of buyers being able to visualize themselves and their belongings in a space, it is critical that your home be attractive to a large array of buyers. Most people begin making their buying decision within the first 6 feet of entering the home… This is why I, as a trained Interior Designer in Toronto will help stage your home to ensure all buyers will fall in love with your home.

Please click on the before and after pictures below to preview some of my past home staging projects in the Toronto area. 

Toronto Condo Gallery


Markham Townhome

General Home Staging in Toronto

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